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Hamidah. 17.
A typical teenager with needs and wants. Hate her or love her, it's up to you
Cos' she doesn't give a damn

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009 • 9:46 PM


Saturday, September 05, 2009 • 2:53 PM
So after a week of not updating, I shall create this long post regarding my week. Okay? Enjoy.

It was the teacher's day celebration at Hillgrove. I went there with Mis and met Ads later. We went for the lower secondary concert and it was umm... boring? The only thing I enjoyed was Dominic singing. It was amazing. Imagine a boy singing a Christina Aguilera song and hitting all the right notes. You would have been as amazed as I was if you had come. So, I saw many ex-Hillgrovians and many that I never thought I would see again. Interesting. Ads and I went to Timezone and played arcade soon after. :) After that, Ads and I went to NP to get her tennis shirt. She had to collect it at around 5 and we were there at 1. -.- And being the good people that we are, we controlled our stomachs til' 7. What did we do during the long hours? We played monopoly, cluedo and jenga in that room, read Garfield comics in the library and loiter around SIM waiting for 7. After eating, we went home. Damn tiring.

I don't remember doing anything then. I just played Sims3. I think.

Met up with Mis to hand in our relief teacher application forms. We lepak-ed there for awhile and people-watch. Got a few Hi and Hello. And saw Edward again. I was amazed that he still remembers that I'm a Power Ranger Fan. HAHA! So after all that, Mis and I went to Westmall. And once again, we arcade-d. The difference was I spent twice the amount to play than on Monday. Then left at about 5pm.

Nothing happen again. Except when I woke up, I had this annoying sore on my leg. I didn't care as I thought it was temporary. Or so I thought.

Went back to NP... again. This time is to do this assessment to be a Red Camp SL. I know what you think. Hamidah? A Red Camp SL? Well, it was nice of me to agree to sign up with Ads. So that's why I went for it. It was fun. I don't mind if I don't get in. Hehe. But it was a nice experience with the interview and games. Sijia was waiting for me at the library then cos' she needed to send her laptop to Funan and I'm tagging along. And off we went to Funan and had dinner later. What a fun day. The bus ride home was best, talked non-stop about stuff. Haha. People might have found us a nuisance. My leg was still in pain throughout the day.

Saturday (Today)
Since the pain in my leg was still there. Mum decided I better go see the doctor. And so we did. The wait was damn long but went it was my turn, I actually wished I was healthy and didn't have to go in. I told the doctor my story. 'I woke up on Thursday to have this sore in this part of my leg (which is below my thigh). It is not cramp but feels like I stretched a muscle or something.' The doctor looked at me and asked whether I smoked and all those things while retrieving a measuring tape. I knew what was happening. He measured both legs to check whether the ummm... diameter were the same but it wasn't. He said there may be a blood clot in there and you need to go to the hospital. I didn't know it was that serious. I don't want to go to the hospital. You got no idea how stoned my face was at that moment.

What a week.

Saturday, August 29, 2009 • 11:52 AM
Had my injection today, after waiting for 5 months.
As usual, I panicked on the inside but it wasn't that bad in the end.

The scene at the polyclinic was fascinating. I saw two young children around the age of 3 also getting an injection and both of them came out crying. No, I'm not laughing at them for crying but I was curious about myself when I got an injection at that age. So, I asked my mum.

The story was...

When I was younger and had to get an injection, I didn't exactly have any anxiety or whatsoever according to my mum. Then when the needle was inserted, I didn't cry. Somehow I find this weird although I'm talking about myself. The thing is after it was over, my hand didn't move. It was all umm... flimsy, like dead fish or something. I laughed at the idea but yeah, that was me years ago.


Oh, another frightening thought is what is gonna happen on 31st October. I need to give my blood sample to see whether I'm okay. You see, I don't mind getting injections once a month but taking out blood from my body is a whole other story. Did I tell you the first time I gave blood samples, I felt two sharp, momentary pain? Oh yes, I saw two holes in my arm after that. -.- Tsk. And if I'm still not healthy, I have to continue getting this injections or something they call booster, although I'm not sure what is booster. Reminds me of Halal Food Booster. Eeee.

I guess that's all for today.


Thursday, August 27, 2009 • 11:18 AM
I am currently sitting in WM library as I have nothing better to do. The thing is I just needed to get away from the house a little while. But I doubt my little while will be a little while. Haha. So my aim here is to just relax and enjoy the net here.

After idk how months of not playing Pet Society, I decided to play it once again since I need to pass my time while I'm here. So after exploring the new and improve Pet Society, it honestly look interesting. There's this pond which allows you to fish. Being new to it, I got no idea how to fish and I wasted several baits. -.-

There is a new game called Country Story which is a farming game. I find it the same, but you can do some quest to earn more stuff. So yeah. Now I'm youtube-ing some random stuff to entertain myself. In conclusion, I have no life. HAHAHA!

See ya.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 • 9:44 PM

Went to The Cathay yesterday with Rach and BF, Fidah, Ket, PQ, BX and Kenny. Well, exams are over what? Deserve a little break. :) Cabbed there as we didn't have much time til the movie start. The taxi driver was interesting. I had to admit she made me wonder. Haha.

Orphan was great! Kena whacked by Rafidah I don't how many times. Heard PeiQi freaking out and I also joined in. It was awesome! Go catch it.

If you yawned while watching Harry Potter or Transformers like I did, Orphan might be a movie to ensure that your eyes are almost bulging out from your head. A little exaggeration there but you get my point.

Broke fast with Coke and Nachos while going to Lau Pa Sat. Then had dinner and walked to CityLink Mall for ice-cream. Then took pics with Fidah's DSLR. :) Had so much fun! Must do this again! Left at around ten and bus-ed all the way home.

Credits for pics goes to Rafidah.
Orphan poster from google.com